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Sustainability Projects Fund (SPF)

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The Sustainability Projects Funding (SPF) allocates funds to provide support for essential educational experiences and activities that aid and supplement the fundamental educational mission of CSUSM. Sustainability Projects are defined as those activities and projects that are integrally related with helping the campus meet its sustainability goals.

This year ASI has allocated approximately $10,000 to SPF to fund projects that positively affect CSUSM’s sustainability educational efforts, reduce the University’s environmental impact, and help to “green” our campus.  ASI administers the SPF through a Sustainability Projects Funding Committee.

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24/25 Fall Timeline

April 25th Applications close at 5:00pm
May 3rd SPF Committee Deliberations & Presentations


Project Process

  1. Submit application online for projects for the 24/25 academic year once applications open. 
  2. Applications will be reviewed by committee. See “Apply” below for more information.
  3. If approved, award recipients must schedule an initial meeting with ASI representatives prior to the start of any project planning or purchasing in order to review ASI and CSUSM purchasing guidelines and project implementation. If approved, ASI will send an award letter with additional information.
  4. All award recipients must submit a final report at the end of the fiscal year in which the project took place. The reports must include all spent monies with receipts, as well as a synopsis of the project’s outcomes, challenges, and successes.

Project Guidelines for 2024/2025 Academic Year

  1. Projects must directly address sustainable solutions on CSUSM’s campus.
  2. All proposed projects must have a clearly defined, measurable outcome;
  3. CSUSM students or CSUSM recognized student organizations may submit proposals. Individuals and organizations outside CSUSM may not submit proposals.
  4. SPF will not support projects already mandated by law or CSUSM policy directive (e.g., standards for green building in new construction or social inclusion standards, etc.), since CSUSM is already obliged to allocate funds for such projects.
  5. SPF will not provide personal grants or funds to an individual in support of individual research.
  6. All projects shall have a mechanism for evaluation and follow up after funding has been dispersed.
  7. Projects should be fiscally sustainable and fall within the allocated funds for the academic year. The grant is meant to be a one-time award.  If a project is to be on going or reoccurring, the project plan must include a mechanism for funding after the conclusion of the academic year.
  8. If a project has on going benefits (e.g. annual cost savings), the project plan must include a mechanism for reporting these benefits back to the committee on an annual basis.
  9. Projects proposals must have publicity, education, & outreach components. Student participation and involvement is highly encouraged.
  10. Projects shall have received all necessary written approval by appropriate campus officials prior to consideration.
  11. Funds cannot be used for financing new infrastructure projects (i.e. new buildings or similar).
  12. Preference will be given to projects that positively impact both social and environmental sustainability and take into account all impacts.
  13. Projects shall take place on the CSUSM campus and should be accessible to all CSUSM students, staff and faculty. However, swag items are available only to CSUSM students.
  14. Any items purchased for SPF project operations will be considered ASI property and must be returned to ASI at the conclusion of the fiscal year (July 31).

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