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Multicultural Intelligence & Leadership Certificate

In collaboration with the Cross-Cultural Center, the TLC's "Multicultural Intelligence & Leadership Certificate" (MIL) demonstrates our campus' value of diversity.  MIL students have graduated from the TLC and are ready to delve more deeply into social justice and diversity through a leadership lens.  These conversations can be challenging, hence we have a campus resource for Racial Trauma, Resilency and Ally Reources provided by our Student Health & Counseling Services. 

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Multicultural Intelligence & Leadership Criteria: MIL Interest Form

  1. TLC Certificate was already earned a prior term
  2. Enroll in the TLC Multicultural Intelligence & Leadership Certificate with a TLC Peer Leader
  3. Attend the "Inclusive Leadership" TLC workshop on 9/24 from 12-12:50 pm at: 

  4. Attend any other TLC workshop or "In the Executive's Chair" of your choosing
  5. Attend at least 1 Civility Cafe's and at least 1 Civility Dialogue. RSVP HERE
  6. Attend at least 4 Student Life Centers' events from approved list. Student Life Centers include: 
    1. Black Student Center 
    2. Cross-Cultural Center
    3. Gender Equity Center 
    4. Latin@ Center
    5. LGBTQA Pride Center 
  7. Complete a minimum of 10 hours with an off-campus agency that supports or serves underrepresented communities or the UNESCO Certificate M:POWR Mural Project. Possible agencies listed here.
  8. Interview a leader either on campus or at a non-profit who serves underrepresentated communities and causes. This person should be of no relation to you. Here is a list of possible questions you can ask your leader. 
  9. Write a personal "Call to Action" reflection paper about what you learned from your leader interview as it connects to the other criteria you've acheived. Address all four areas of the prompt
  10. Apply for TLC graduation. 
  11. Meet with your Peer Leader for interview tips and to discuss next steps. 
  12. Complete a TLC panel exit interview.