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Spring 2021 OIE Calender of Events

Beyond Just Us: Empathy and Justice Across Communities

Tuesday, April 20, 2021 from 12pm-1pm

A collaborative program with the Black Student Center. This program is part of the Defining Diaspora: APIDA Identities series.

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 What Scares a Monster: A Graphic Novel on Mythology, Violence, and Human Rights

Zoom, Thursday, April 22, 2021, 2-3pm

Amid state sponsored violence of the Duterte "Wars on Drugs and Terrorism," innocence is lost, human rights are violated, and Marie the Manananggal is getting monstrously frustrated in pursuit of a decent meal. Who is the monster here, the manananggal who feeds on the fetus of pregnant women, or law enforcement armed with a license to kill?

Hear from Fernando Argosino, a Pilipino-American co-creator of the graphic novel, and learn about how this medium sheds light on the Duterte Drug War though the lens of sarcasm, humor, and graphic eccentricity. This program is part of the Defining Diaspora: APIDA Identities series.

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Protecting Mauna Kea: Activism in Sacred Spaces

People protesting

Zoom, Tuesday, April 27, 2021 from 12-1pm

For nearly a decade, the proposed development of the Thirty-Meter-Telescope “TMT” on Mauna Kea, the most sacred mountain in Hawai'i, has caused a great deal of unrest and harm for Native Hawaiians. Join the Cross-Cultural Center and Gender Equity Center as we discuss the cultural, spiritual, and ecological ramifications that the disturbances to this sacred place have had. Students will leave having expanded their knowledge of the impact that colonialism and settler-colonialism have on Native Hawaiian lands and bodies and how these protests are connected to other struggles for liberation on the continental United States today.

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 Creating the Beloved Community at Workshop Series 

Creating the Beloved Community at Workshop Series

Zoom, Internal Opportunities: Addressing: Personal and Interpersonal Barriers to ChangeApril 29th - 12-1:30 

This dialogue will address the need for us as individuals to cultivate courage, self-care and compassion. What do we need to do to take care of ourselves during a time of increasing pressure to do good and lasting work in conditions that are not often optimal for the work we are committed to doing? What are we most fearful about regarding the future of our work? Financial Security? Finding your voice? What can we do to address those fears/risks in a way that will not leave us mentally, physically, and spiritually depleted? How do we say both yes, and no, to institutional demands with grace and determination? What are the risks and opportunities of genuine self-care in high pressure work environments?  

Zoom, Commitment to Action: Networking and Institutionalizing Positive Change - May 4th 12-1:30 

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