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President’s Inclusive Excellence Advisory Council

  1. To advise the President on diversity and equity matters on the campus;
  2. To be the voice of the group being represented and to bring to the President issues of importance to this group;
  3. To collaborate and connect with members representing other groups to support each other in this work


  1. One faculty and one staff from each of the following – LAFS, APIDA-FSA, BFSA, LGBTQ-FSA, JFSA, CICSC
  2. One student rep from each of the student centers/offices – Latin@/x Center, Black Student Center, CICSC, GEC, PRIDE Center, Cross-Cultural Center, Veteran’s Center, Dreamer Resource Office, DSS, ACE, Project Rebound
  3. CDO

Council Members

Council Member List
Group Representative(s)
Latino Association of Faculty and Staff (LAFS)
  • Sandy Hernandez, Staff
  • Cynthia Melendrez, Faculty
Asian Pacific Islander Desi American FacultyStaff Association (APIDA-FSA)
  • Mae Talicuran, Staff
  • Theresa Suarez, Faculty
Black Faculty Staff Association (BFSA)
  • Shellye Sledge, Faculty
  • Justin Lewis, Staff
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer andAlly Faculty Staff Association (LGBTQA-FSA)
  • Robert Aiello-Hauser, Staff
  • Jay Robertson- Howell, Faculty
Jewish Faculty Staff Association (JFSA)
  • Not currently active
California Indian Culture and Sovereignty Center (CICSC)
  • John Tippeconnic,Faculty
  • Joely Proudfit, Faculty
  • Virgina Aguilar, Student
Latin@/x Center
  • Anette Parilla, Student
Black Student Center
  • Siaje Gideon, Student
Woman Gender Equity Center
  • Alexis Lopez, Student
LGBTQA Pride Center
  • Jinx Thomason, Student
Cross-Cultural Center
  • Quentin Reynera, Student
Veteran’s Services
  • Jacob Ramer, Student
Dreamer Resource Office
  • Paula Serrano, Student
Disability Support Services (DSS)
  • Stephania Rey, Student
ACE Scholar Services
  • Brandon Robinson, Student
Project Rebound
  • Lawrence Morris, Student
Chief Diversity Officer (CDO)
  • Dr. Aswad Allen, Chair