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About the Office of Inclusive Excellence



As a community of students, faculty and staff, we at California State University San Marcos (CSUSM) are committed to respecting and reflecting the diversity of our region within a context of social justice. Together, we strive for educational equity and seek to promote a fair and open environment for the exchange of ideas.



We seek to build an ethnically, racially, linguistically and culturally diverse population of students, faculty and staff that demographically reflects the region by providing a welcoming environment for all of our diverse communities and by promoting informal exchanges of ideas, social interaction and collaboration within and among all groups. By articulating, demonstrating, and advocating messages that promote social justice and educational equity through open communication and dialogue, we will develop an inclusive curriculum, broaden campus programming and stimulate community discussions. We will strengthen programming for students, faculty, and staff that promotes a culture open to diversity and equity issues and attainment. We will provide equal access to technology and information, to reduce and eliminate barriers to educational achievement.