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What to Expect from the Title IX Complaint Process

The University's primary concern is the safety of its campus community members. The use of alcohol or drugs never makes the victim at fault for Sexual Violence. Moreover, victims should not be deterred from reporting incidents of Sexual Violence out of a concern that they might be disciplined for related violations of drug, alcohol or other University policies. Except in extreme circumstances, victims of Sexual Violence shall not be subject to discipline for related violations of University policy.

There are several reporting methods available to victims of an incident:

Reporting to the University:

You may report to the campus Title IX Coordinator any incident of Sex Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, or Sexual Misconduct (e.g., Rape, Acquaintance Rape, Dating Violence, Domestic Violence or Stalking).

How to file an University Report

Confidential Reporting:

Students can receive advocacy and support through the on-campus Student Health and Counseling Services, CSUSM’s Sexual Violence Advocate and Educator, or off campus advocacy services.

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Criminal Reporting:

Reporting to University police and/or local police is an option at any time following a Sexual Violence incident. If you choose not to report to the police immediately, you can still make the report at a later time.

How to file a Criminal Report