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CSUSM offers education, prevention, and awareness programming throughout the year and you are encouraged to attend and be involved in the discussion, “It’s On Us” to stop sexual assault. Sign the pledge

Bystander Intervention

Don’t be a bystander. Step Up and take action when you see risky behavior. If you witness someone trying to lead an intoxicated person into a private room, or if you see someone providing another person with drinks or acting in a sexually aggressive manner, intervene or find help. Likewise, pay attention to your friends so that you can help them if they are being targeted or are in a vulnerable situation. If you feel threatened or too unsafe to intervene, then call 911 or University Police at (760) 750-4567.

5 Decision Making Steps

  1. Notice the Event
  2. Interpret it as a problem
  3. Assume personal responsibility
  4. Know how to help
  5. Implement the Help & Step Up!

Easy ways to intervene:

  • Distract
  • Interrupt & Separate
  • Direct ask/intervention

What matters most is that you do something!

What can you say/do?:

  • Do you need help?
  • Can I call someone?
  • Is everything ok?
  • Do you need a ride?
  • How would you feel is someone said that about a loved one?
  • That is not cool.
  • I know that you do not want to hurt anyone.