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Resources for Faculty & Staff

If you would like the opportunity to view the training content that your students are required to complete, please follow the steps below.

The information below is NOT for student use. Students must log in and complete the training via the instructions provided to you via email from or on the main page of this webpage. Reviewing the demo content WILL NOT be tracked and it will not count towards your succesful completion of the training requirement.

Demo Access

Not Anymore Demo Site
code - 1527876edemo

The demo is the same as the student program except it:

  1. It has a more minimal login page
  2. has no account setup page
  3. allows you to jump between different program components and fast forward videos (students are unable to do this), and
  4. does not track anyone’s use.

Demo Instructions

  1. Click link and complete login page with code above
  2. Please read “Employee Mandatory Reporting Obligations”
  3. Complete the privacy/consent page (actual answers are irrelevant)
  4. A “Pre Test” will come up next, you DO NOT have to complete this, but this allows you to see what our students are quizzed on. Simply click on “HOME” at the top of the screen to bypass this and access the program table of contents. Students must achieve an 80% on the “Post Test” to pass and fulfill their requirement.
  5. Click the program component you would like to review; when finished, click HOME again to select another component.

Technical Assistance:

If you have questions regarding the training content, student requirements, etc., please contact Title IX Staff at or (760) 750-6020.

For additional information on Title IX and Gender Equity.