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Beyond The Stereotype

Beyond The Stereotype Campaign 

“There is more to me than what you see. There is belief.”

Joenetta  Glen  Ranjeeta Beyond the Sterotype Campaign poster John Sarah

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The Office of Inclusive Excellence is  pleased to launch  its third series this fall 2020 for the Beyond the Stereotype Campaign, “There is more to me than what you see.  The purpose of the campaign is to challenge stereotypes around religions, faith, spirituality, and/or life practices within a social justice framework. In the case of religion, it is important to note the ways in which religion has been used to shape our ideas and practices of social justice as well as has been used in oppressive ways. That said, our analysis necessitates moving from individual experience to collective responsibility, critique, and action. 

The specific goals of the campaign are

  1. Challenge/investigatethe stereotypes surrounding religion, spirituality, faith, and life practices
  2. Investigatethe various ways that belief/faith can inspireliberatory social action 
  3. Understand the various ways that belief/faith has aided in the oppression ofpeoples
  4. Invite self-reflection, introspection, and self-exploration as one engages the campaign

Resources for the Campaign 

Past Campaign Activities

Conversations That Matter Series: The Intersectionality of Religion and Social Justice

Join us for a virtual panel discussion with religious leaders, civic leaders and faculty to discuss how/when/if religious entities should play a role in social justice issues. Are these civic matters where we should be on the side of separation of church and state, or are they issues of basic human rights that should matter to all? How do we differentiate "good" vs. "bad" religious intervention? We will be discussion these pertinent issues and more.


The call for participants is still opened. We want the campaign to include additional religions, beliefs, spiritualities and life practices that are not currently shown in the posters above.If you are interested in participating, please complete the Beyond the Stereotype Campaign Participant Application Form. Applications are being accepted now and until all participants are selected.

If you have questions, please contact Ariel Stevenson at or Dreama Moon at