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About EOP


The mission of EOP is to provide access, retention support services, and lifelong skill development for historically under-represented, financially disadvantaged and first generation students that will lead to their bachelor’s degree.


EOP will establish educational equity practices that focus on student persistence, academic achievement and lifelong development by:

  • Creating access and opportunity.
  • Developing services that promote student recruitment, outreach, retention and graduation.
  • Promoting a community that encourages and supports student wellness, personal accountability and self-actualization.
  • Building an inclusive environment.


  • Respect: We acknowledge the dignity of all individuals. We pledge ourselves to creating and maintaining an environment that honors diverse traditions, heritages, and experiences and we do this with compassion and care.
  • Accountability: The willingness to take personal responsibility for one’s own actions, to make what is wrong right, to deliver on our commitments, and further the goals of the individual, team, program and university.
  • Innovation: The use of creative thinking in support of programming and collaborations. Encouraging risk-taking and experimentation, genuine learning, and creative approaches in identifying and leveraging ideas.
  • Student Centered: EOP ensures its practices are aligned with adapting to the needs of its students, demonstrating inclusive practices for the diverse population, and being supportive of educational and personal growth.
  • Diversity: Commitment to lead, uphold, educate and practice inclusion, understand differences, treat people fairly, and promote social well-being by respecting personal perspectives regardless of identities.
  • Integrity: We do the right thing by demonstrating honesty, fairness, and good judgment in all aspects of our work.  We fulfill our commitments to sustain trust by holding ourselves to high ethical standards.
  • Teamwork: Working together towards common goals by supporting each other with compassion, and open and honest communication.