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HOPE & Wellness Student Assistants & Interns

Graduate Student Peer Intern 

Kylie Kutina
                     Kylie Kutina
 Kylie, a graduate student in the MPH program, was raised on an avocado orchard in Ramona, CA. She attended Ramona High School where she participated in cheerleading, NJROTC and was a competitive gymnast. Upon graduation she was accepted into CSUSM where she became a member of Delta Zeta and now holds the “Pink goes green” chair, helping her sorority be more sustainable and environmentally conscious. Kylie graduated as a member of the Gamma Sigma Alpha honor society past May with a degree in Human Development-Health Sciences, and is continuing her education here at CSUSM in a masters in public health program. Kylie is a kind young lady with positive outlook on life and a great sense of humor. She has an open mind and is willing to help anyone in need.

Peer Educators (Interns)

                            Nicole Bliss
My name is Nicole Bliss and I am a 4th year Psychology major. I wanted to become a peer educator because I have a passion for helping people and I wanted the opportunity to be a resource for my peers. I think this opportunity will give me the chance to become familiar with mental health topics and allow me to support and educate my peers, which will be helpful for my career path. After graduation this Spring I am looking to go into a graduate program for a Masters in Social Work! 
                           Melissa Canales
 My name is Melissa Canales. I am a fourth year Human Development major, with a concentration in Health Services. I have a passion for advocacy, food, traveling, and helping others. As a peer educator, I hope to give other students encouragement and the knowledge that they are not alone in their struggles because there is an entire campus community here to help them. At the end of this year I will be applying for the Accelerated Nursing Program with the goal of becoming a travel nurse.  
                            Bianca Corado
                        Mykayla Goetz
 Hi my name is Mykayla Goetz and I am a senior at CSUSM and will be graduating with a Bachelor's in Psychological Science this upcoming May. I plan to attend graduate school to pursue a concentration in Health Psychology and Public Health. I am passionate about encouraging the overall health of my peers and loved ones!

I am also a research assistant for a Psychology Lab working with preschool aged children and their families to analyze typical moods and behaviors of this age range. I am excited to be a Peer Educator to further support and encourage those around me in anyway I can. I hope to encourage health to be seen as a combination of factors in one's life, including mental health. I also want to provide a framework for understanding how we can better ourselves and our communities through having knowledge on living healthily and mindfully!
                                Alyssa Idos
 My name is Alyssa Idos, I was born and raised in the beautiful country of the Philippines, but now I reside in San Diego, California. I am a fourth year Human Development student with an emphasis on Health Services and a first generation college student. I currently work with children between the ages of 2 to 5 years old and have volunteered at Kaiser Permanente in the Urgent Care Department. This shows how passionate I am on dedicating my time to helping others.

During my free time I enjoy playing instruments, making music, reading, watching Netflix, and traveling. Though I am still young and working towards my career, I am striving to be able to work in healthcare or in a hospital setting with the intent to accomplish my life goal of creating a positive change in as many people as I can. Through this journey as an intern and peer educator for the Hope and Wellness Center, I want to expand my knowledge,  give back to my college community through support and resources, and in the end, be able to make lifelong positive connections.  
                           Michael Jones
Mike is a senior student who will graduate in Spring with a Bachelor’s in Sociology and a concentration in Health, Education, and Welfare. He hopes to enter into our Master’s of Public Health program after graduation to further his commitment to help promote healthy behaviors and practices. His dedication to help others stems from both internal and external experiences while serving as a Marine in the military, as well as his personal endeavors with family, friends, and communities.

As a first-generation college student, Mike does not underestimate the power of education and loves to learn about anyone or anything! He enjoys that consistent pursuit to grow more wise in the the process and the self-reflection that results. Mike is currently studying to also be certified as an accredited American Council on Exercise (ACE) Personal Trainer and dreams to one day work in law for health research and policy. In his free time, you can find him either working out at the gyms nearby, hanging out with his brothers of Sigma Chi, reading comics such as Sandman or Dark Knights: Metal, or trying new, delicious foods around San Diego.
                         Yessica Perez
Hi my name is Yessica . I am currently in my last semester at CSUSM majoring in Human Development with a minor in Spanish. I love spreading smiles and being a part of a helpful change. I also love going on hikes, working out, being creative, drawing, and listening to Banda . The reason I became a Peer Educator is because I want to raise awareness of mental health to fellow students and reduce the stigma or any stereotype that is behind it.

I also want to make a difference on campus. I want to help shine light on topics that are tough to talk about and begin a conversation to spread awareness. As a college student who has experienced Anxiety, Depression, Eating Disorders and Assault I believe it is important to educate others about the effect it has on an individual, and what people can do to help. I'm very excited to help spread awareness and positivity this semester.
                         Linda Puebla
 My name is Linda Puebla. I am majoring in Psychology in hopes to become a marriage family counselor. I want to be a marriage and family counselor because, being a daughter of two marines I did struggle with my mental health when I was younger and my therapist helped me tremendously. I can only hope I can make a difference in someone’s life as my therapist did for me.

I am a transfer student from MiraCosta. I plan to graduate CSUSM in the spring of 2020. My goal is to transfer to UC Berkeley after my time here at CSUSM. I decided to go to CSUSM not only for their amazing psychology program but also for a sense of community. My hobbies include reading, dancing, and kickboxing. My identities include being a big sister, granddaughter, daughter, and Grey’s Anatomy enthusiast.  
                     Tamara Robinson
 Hi my name is Tamara Robinson, I’m working towards my bachelors in Kinesiology with an emphasis on Health Science at Cal State San Marcos University on the Temecula campus. This is my last semester and I wanted to become a peer educator to be involved on main campus and to pursue my compassion for helping people through raising awareness in Mental and Physical health, Stress Management, Sexual health, Mindful practices and other information that the Wellness center offers to further support students on campus. 

I had major surgery on my knee in high school and it lead me into physical therapy where emotional support allowed me to overcome my struggles. As a result, I discovered the importance for physical and mental health and worked as an aide under the physical therapist who helped me. This allowed me to pass it forward and support the community going through rehabilitation. During my free time I like to try new food and binge watching Netflix. I hope to serve fellow students to the best of my ability and be a resource to understand how to better our lifestyle choices!

Noelle                              Noelle Tyson

My name is Noelle Tyson and I am a third year at CSUSM studying biology with an emphasis in pre-medicine. I hope to be accepted into medical school next year and continue my path in becoming a doctor.  I am involved in several on campus organizations including Pre-Optometry society, where I hold the positions of secretary and media head. I also work as a student assistant in Kellogg Library. I love interacting with people, going for runs or hikes, and overall being surrounded by my peers. 
Megan Young
Megan Young
My name is Megan Young. I am a working toward a baccalaureate in Psychology with an emphasis towards mental and physical health. I have had epilepsy since I was 3 years of age, which is the underlying reason I am interested in the well-being of others as well as myself. Due to many hardships in my life, ranging from sexual violence to mental and physical health issues, I feel I could be a great advocate for both; although I feel I could be an advocate for both, my primary interest is in mental health.

Mental health has been my primary interest because of my trials and tribulations with epilepsy in tandem with depression and anxiety, which can be emotionally and physically debilitating. I believe being a peer educator would provide a voice for fellow students who have experienced some form of mental and physical health difficulties that feel they cannot share, as well as information on how to cope with what they feel, and helping students understand that they are not alone.