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HOPE & Wellness Student Interns

Graduate Student Peer Health Advisors 


Michael Jones

Mike is a graduate student in the Master's of Public Health program. He graduated in the Spring with a Bachelor’s in Sociology and a concentration in Health, Education, and Welfare. He is committed to help promote healthy behaviors and practices. His dedication to help others stems from both internal and external experiences while serving as a Marine in the military, as well as his personal endeavors with family, friends, and communities. 

As a first-generation college student, Mike does not underestimate the power of education and loves to learn about anyone or anything! He enjoys that consistent pursuit to grow more wise in the the process and the self-reflection that results. Mike is currently studying to also be certified as an accredited American Council on Exercise (ACE) Personal Trainer and dreams to one day work in law for health research and policy. In his free time, you can find him either working out at the gyms nearby, hanging out with his brothers of Sigma Chi, reading comics such as Sandman or Dark Knights: Metal, or trying new, delicious foods around San Diego


Alejandra Gonzalez-Zuniga
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Graduate Student Peer Interns

Megan Young

Megan Young


My name is Megan Young. I am a  graduate student in the Master's of Social Work program. I graduated wiht a Bachelor's in Psychology in the spring.  I have had epilepsy since I was 3 years of age, which is the underlying reason I am interested in the well-being of others as well as myself. Due to many hardships in my life, ranging from sexual violence to mental and physical health issues, I feel I could be a great advocate for both; although I feel I could be an advocate for both, my primary interest is in mental health. 

Mental health has been my primary interest because of my trials and tribulations with epilepsy in tandem with depression and anxiety, which can be emotionally and physically debilitating. I believe being a peer educator would provide a voice for fellow students who have experienced some form of mental and physical health difficulties that feel they cannot share, as well as information on how to cope with what they feel, and helping students understand that they are not alone.

 Lorena Muralles

Lorena is a graduate student in the Master’s in Public Health program at CSU San Marcos with a concentration in Health Promotion and Education in the online only cohort. Lorena’s passions are mental health promotion and suicide prevention.

She has her undergraduate degree in Psychology from California State University Stanislaus. Lorena is a Los Angeles native and currently works at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, CA. She hopes to either stay in the hospital sector or work at university to work in mental health promotion program development. The age groups she hopes to work with are adolescents and young adults. On her free time Lorena spends time with her family, friends, and her two dogs.


Peer Educators (Interns)



Rebecca Lapid


Hi everybody! I'm Rebecca, a 5th year at CSUSM and I am a Human Development major with an emphasis in Counseling. I plan to become a mental health therapist/psychologist for the LGBT community or just in general, while my hobbies include cooking and baking I also love to read and meditate during my down time. Through the programs that we have, I look forward to connecting with everybody and creating that safe space for everyone!




Jovon Owens


Hello, my name is Jovon and I'm a senior at CSUSM. I transferred from MiraCosta after my sophomore year. My major is Sociology with a focused career to become a Mental Health counselor.

I'm currently working at MiraCosta in the Academic Counseling department. During my time as a student at MiraCosta, I was part of the Emoja program, Student Life & Leadership, and volunteered for important events for students and the community. Outside of school, I enjoy cooking and baking new recipes. I also love spending time with my young family of nephews and a niece.



Ruby Reyes


I am here to listen, support, and guide. Hello, my name is Ruby Reyes, I am a third-year student majoring in Human Development with an emphasis in Counseling Services and a minor in Spanish. I am passionate about helping the community to live healthier lives and bringing awareness to the importance of mental health.

After obtaining my Bachelor's Degree, I plan to obtain a Ph.D. in Psychological Counseling to prepare me for my future career. I would like to become equipped to help underrepresented college students with their mental health. I became inspired to take on the role of a Peer Educator from the services available at the Student Health and Counseling Services (SHCS) at CSUSM, such as wellness workshops and support groups. I would like to take this opportunity to help other students reach for support, be informed, and reduce the stigma towards mental health. I am excited to be a support and connect in this manner with the CSUSM community.