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Faculty Guidelines

LA Program Faculty Guidelines

A goal of the LA program is to increase interaction (both student-student and student-faculty/LA) within the undergraduate course. LAs provide support in the classroom to make this feasible. Learning Assistant roles are distinct from TA and SI roles.

Requests for Learning Assistants will be competitively reviewed based on the following guidelines:

Guidelines for requesting Learning Assistants:

  • Preference will be given to courses involving interactive engagement of students and some type of collaborative learning
  • Participating faculty must commit to meeting with LAs on a weekly basis
  • Participating faculty must commit to attending one intro workshop
  • Faculty must work with the LA program team to assess development of skills in learning assistants
  • Preference will be given to courses where the department commits to consistently using collaborative, interactive pedagogy with learning assistants (across different instructors and semesters)
  • Participating faculty should be committed to encouraging LAs to explore careers in mathematics and science K-12 teaching
  • Non-required (optional) recitation session/workshops are NOT desirable uses for LAs

Guidelines for utilizing Learning Assistants:

  • LAs must be engaged in activities central to the instructional design 
  • Preferably, LAs should be employed in large-enrollment, introductory courses 
  • LAs should facilitate collaboration among small groups of students and/or inquiry-based learning 
  • LAs should be engaged in assessment of student learning


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