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Pathways to Success

1st Year: Identify Career Interests and Explore 

  • Explore STEM majors and careers.
  • Stop by during professors’ office hours and talk to them about your career interests.
  • Attend career events.
  • Create a LinkedIn profile.
  • Try a micro-internship.
  • Join a student organization.
  • Try on campus employment to build experience and transferrable skills.
  • Make note of what skills you learn in class that are relevant to your future career. 

2nd Year: Career Planning 

  • Create a resume.
  • Prepare internship application materials and conduct research on the company.
  • Apply for internships.
  • Consider undergraduate research to build technical experience.

3rd Year: Gaining Experience and Goal Setting 

  • Develop and practice your elevator pitch.
  • Network and connect with industry professionals in your field. 
  • Keep your LinkedIn and resume updated for career fairs and other opportunities to connect with industry professionals.
  • Keep applying for internships and undergraduate research.
  • Conduct research on companies and prepare for interviews.

4th Year: Graduation and Transition 

  • Talk to professors about your career and job goals. Ask for advice.
  • Conduct more research on companies and prepare for interviews.
  • Begin applying for jobs before graduation.
  • Continue networking with industry professionals.