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Information for Faculty

The CSUSM LA program can fund Learning Assistants for your math or science course!

The LA program is a mechanism for curriculum & course transformation that can improve the quality of math and science education for all undergraduates. With the support of Learning Assistants, faculty can implement interactive and collaborative activities in their classrooms. Please read the Guidelines for Faculty.

Are you interested incorporting LA support? Contact Dr. Suzanne Hizer if interested.

LA Program Basics

There is no dictated design of how LAs should be used or what course transformation should look like. Instead, faculty members who request LAs must agree to:

  • Use LAs to promote interaction and collaboration among students enrolled in the course
  • Meet in weekly planning sessions with the LAs who support their courses
  • Attend approximately 1-2 group meetings with other participating faculty per semester
  • Work with the LA program team to assess development of skills in learning assistants

LAs vs. TAs vs. SIs

Unlike typical undergraduate Teaching Assistant or Supplemental Instruction programs, the LA program:

  • Focuses on teacher recruitment and preparation
  • Includes a special seminar to help LAs integrate content, pedagogy, and practice
  • Integrates LAs in required classroom activities (not optional sessions)
  • Involves science research faculty in the mentoring of LAs and the recruitment and preparation of teachers
  • Incorporates a collaborative educational research program to evaluate the effects of the LA model