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¡Yo soy STEM!

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Yo Soy STEM aims to celebrate the diversity of STEM majors by creating a campaign that inspires, informs, and enriches the college community and region!


Yosso outlines six types of capital that students possess in terms of their cultural knowledge, abilities, skills, and strategies:

Cultural wheel

  • Goals/Dreams (Aspirational capital) – “hopes and dreams” that motivate you
  • Language/Communication Skills (Linguistic capital) - various language and communication skills you bring with you
  • Family Support (Familial capital) -social and personal resources you have from your family
  • Support from Peers/Community (Social capital) –support from “peers and other social contacts”
  • Ability to navigate College system (Navigational capital) -skills and abilities to navigate “social institutions,” including educational spaces
  • Advocating for needs (Resistance capital)– ability to advocate and secure your rights to education

Did you know?
CSUSM is designated as a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI)? The enrollment of Hispanic/Latinx students in the College of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (CSTEM) is 45.6%

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