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LA Program

CSUSM Learning Assistant Program

The LA program supports active learning in math courses for STEM majors and provides math and science majors with a structured introduction to teaching. The CSUSM LA program is modeled after the LA program at the University of Colorado.

Learning Assistant Program goals:

  • Recruit and prepare talented science and math majors for careers in teaching
  • Engage math faculty in the recruitment and preparation of future teachers
  • Improve the quality of math and science education for all undergraduates
  • Transform departmental cultures by demonstrating the value of research-based teaching for ourselves and for our students

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Learning Assistant Supported Courses

  • Math 125, Precalculus
  • Math 160, Calculus with Applications I
  • Math 162, Calculus with Applications II
  • Chem 150, General Chemistry
  • CS 111, Computer Science I
  • CS 211, Computer Science II

CSUSM Mathematics and Science Teacher Initiative

The CSUSM LA program is partners with CSUSM's Math and Science Teacher Initiative (MSTI). One goal of this initiative is to find talented science and math majors who are interested in high school teaching as a result of their LA experience. You can learn more about the system wide effort to recruit science and mathematics teachers by visiting the CSU MSTI webpage.

CSUSM Mathematics and Science Teachers (CMST) Scholars Program

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