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Why should you get an MBA?

MBA students

JUNE 12, 2019 - Interview with Associate Dean Dr. Mohammad Oskoorouchi

Why should you get your MBA?

MBA is the swiss army knife of degrees. It provides you with a broad understanding of all functional areas of business. Professionals should pursue an MBA to increase their earning potential, unlock opportunities for leadership roles, and gain a strong professional network. The average MBA graduate will double their salary within three years of graduating and receive a promotion within the first year of receiving the degree. Many professionals find they are passed up for leadership positions, not because they lack expertise in their area, but because they have no general management skills. An MBA provides advanced business knowledge and critical skills in business environment that allows graduates to move up in their organization and even transition to new industries. MBA programs are rigorous, and the connections students make during the many hours of studying and group work create lifelong professional ties. In summary, professionals should pursue an MBA to gain a broad understanding of fundamental business processes and to make personal connections that will differentiate them among a highly competitive workforce. 

What are the top three things to ask about an MBA program?

The three most important considerations when researching an MBA are who, what, and how. Who teaches in the program is the top consideration. Faculty should be well versed in current trends and either conducting relevant research or have substantial experience and are in a leadership role in the area that they teach. What is being taught is the next important question. MBA curriculum should build a bridge between theory and practice. The practical application of theory on real-world projects should be present throughout the program. An MBA is a significant investment and a student should choose the program that best equips them to immediately solve problems and provide solutions in their current roles. The final consideration is, how it is being taught. The delivery method of an MBA program should allow collaborations between students and networking with the professional community. For example, online MBA programs, while convenient, may miss this important component.

Technology seems to be driving new, idea-based business ventures. With so many technology-focused business plans, is there a greater need for people who understand the business process — namely, MBA?

There is absolutely a greater demand for technology leaders who understand the business processes. Even as technology progresses at a rapid rate, there will always be a need for management of the highly technical workforce. We are living in the world of endless data, and even new idea-based ventures need someone to make sense of the information in front of them and make a calculated decision. The MBA provides tools to skillfully handle multiple departments to make important business decisions.