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Returning Students

Welcome Back!

This page is for students who have previously attended CSUSM, took a period of time off, and are now returning. Students enrolled in CSUSM Extended Learning (EL) or Open University are not considered "Returning" students. Returning students typically attend a Transfer Student Orientation session. 

Transfer Orientation Information

Do I need to attend Orientation again?

If it has been more than three years since you last attended a CSUSM Orientation, you must attend Orientation again. Extended Learning orientation and Temecula Campus orientation are separate and do not classify as previously attending a CSUSM University Orientation. 

If it has been less than three years since you last attended a CSUSM Orientation, you do not need to attend Orientation again. However, the CSUSM community is constantly changing and you are encouraged to attend.

The best way to check your status regarding Orientation and whether you need to attend is to check the Holds and To-Do List sections in your MyCSUSM Student Center.

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For a complete list of items to complete before Fall semester, please visit our Transfer Path to CSUSM!

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