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CSUSM COVID-19 Employee Screening

CSUSM COVID-19 Formulario de Deteccion (En Español)

  • COVID-19 Employee Screening Protocol (read before completing the form)

    The follow protocol is also available as a MS Word download


    County Health Order

    The County of San Diego is requiring all employers to conduct symptom screening of employees for potential COVID-19 symptoms before they enter their workplace.  If an employee has a temperature at or above 100°F or meets the symptom criteria, they must be prohibited from entering the workplace. 


    This version of the screening plan covers the current campus operations status (essential employees and those who have been granted special access).

    Symptom Screening Process

    Employee Screening Process:

    • Any employee needing to work on campus and/or access any campus buildings must complete the “CSUSM COVID-19 Screening Form.”
    • The form is to be completed each day that an employee will be on campus, before reporting to work.
    • Upon completing the form, the employee will see a message advising that they are either CLEARED or NOT CLEARED to report to work on campus.
    • The employee’s manager or associate dean will receive an automatically generated email indicating that the employee is either CLEARED or NOT CLEARED to report to work on campus:

    “Cleared” Email:

    cleared email screenshot

    “Not Cleared” Email:

    not cleared email screenshot


    Exceptions to Screening Process:

    • Due to the increased risk for healthcare providers, Student Health and Counseling Services will conduct temperature screenings for their own employees according to applicable healthcare worker protocols.
    • Employees who come to campus briefly, only to pick up items at the loading dock from distribution services (or other outdoor campus areas) are not required to complete the COVID screening form, provided they will not be entering any campus buildings.
    • Individuals who work for a contractor/vendor who has been confirmed by the campus point of contact to be conducting daily screenings of their own employees in accordance with County public health requirements will be exempted from having to complete the form each day.

    Responsibilities of Each Party

    Employee Responsibilities:

    • Complete the CSUSM COVID-19 Screening Form each day that they will be on campus (prior to reporting to work or entering any campus buildings).
    • Employees are not required to own or purchase a thermometer; if they do not have one available at home, they can complete and submit the screening form based on self-assesment of symptoms. 
    • If not cleared, communicate with their manager for options and next steps.

    Supervisor/Manager Responsibilities:

    • Confirm that all employees working on campus complete a screening form each day that they work on campus.
    • Follow up immediately with any employees who receive a “not clear.”
      • Do not ask employee why they did not get cleared and advise them they do not need to tell you the reason; if they offer the reason, it is OK to answer questions they may have.
      • Advise employee about remote work options and the ability to use COVID paid administrative leave (if unable to work remotely).
      • Advise employee that if they have a fever of 100F or higher, they are required to stay off campus until they have been fever-free without the aid of fever-reducing medicines) for at least 48 hours.
      • Advise employees who have additional questions about their ability to return to campus versus needing to work remotely to contact HR.

    IRM Responsibilities:

    • Maintain records of who is screened in a secure location, accessible only by those with a legitimate business reason for needing access.
    • Update protocol as required based on federal, state or local public health guidance, as approved by the CSUSM Executive Council.

    Program Administration

    • Managers and associate deans are responsible for making sure they receive a “CLEARED” email for each employee working on campus each day.
    • Swipe card access reports will be reviewed by the Program Administrator (IRM) and compared to COVID-19 Screening Form records to confirm that all employees reporting to campus are completing the required screening. (The review will only indicate whether the employee completed the screen or not; no answers will be included in the report.)
    • Employees who enter any campus building and/or report to work on campus without first completing the screening form will be given a reminder, and repeated violations will result in that employee being prohibited from working on campus.
    • Swipe access for employees who are in non-compliance with screening may be revoked if necessary. Re-instating swipe card access will be coordinated with the employee’s manager.


    All employees will be notified that self-screening is being implemented, the criteria for workplace access, and a reminder not to enter any building prior to screening.  All managers and associate deans (and any employees requesting such) will be provided with a copy of this protocol.  It will also be available on the HR website and Corporation HR website.

Prior to your arrival, please submit this form each day you are scheduled to work on campus.

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