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Out-of-State Students

Founded in 1989, California State University San Marcos is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, and enrolls more than 11,300 students. We offer a hands-on, real-world curriculum that encourages creativity in solving 21st century problems. CSUSM offers 30 baccalaureate degrees and focuses on giving students the tools needed to lead, serve, and innovate in their workplace and community. The campus is located on 304 acres in the foothills of San Marcos, California, just a short distance from some of Southern California's best beaches. While our campus is expansive, we are tucked into the foothills overlooking the city, creating a tight-knit community right here on campus.

First-Time Freshman

One of CSUSM's freshman admission requirements is completion of a standard set of courses in high school that fall under seven categories, labeled a through g. See the First-Time Freshman Admissions Criteria page for a complete list of requirements.

Lower Division and Upper Division Transfer

Admission as an upper-division transfer student is based on completion of at least sixty (60) semester (90 quarter) college units, completion of the California State University Golden Four courses, and cumulative grade-point average in all college-level course work.

Lower-division transfer applicants who have not completed at least 60 semester (90 quarter) college units, with or without the completion of the Golden Four requirements, will not be considered for admission.

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