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Returning Student FAQs

  1. Am I considered a returning student if I was admitted but never attended CSUSM?

    No.  You must have attended CSUSM during the semester in which you applied and were admitted - but you can certainly reapply for admission!

  2. I withdrew from my courses first semester and received "W" grades(s) on my transcripts.  Am I a returning student?

    Yes. If you enrolled in your first semester and received "W" (withdrawal) grade(s), you are considered a CSUSM student.

  3. Can I return to CSUSM if I have a financial hold?

    Financial holds will not prevent a returning student from reapplying or being admitted to the University, but will prevent a returning student from registering for classes.  Any financial obligations to the university must be satisfied prior to course enrollment.

  4. Am I eligible to return to CSUSM if I left CSUSM on Academic Notice?

    If you left CSUSM on Academic Notice, you are still eligible to return!

  5. Am I eligible to return to CSUSM if I was academically disqualified?

    If you were academically disqualified from CSUSM, you will need to petition for reinstatement and reapply for admission.

  6. Am I considered a returning student if I already completed a degree at CSUSM?

    No.  After earning your degree, you are considered an alumna/alumnus. If you wish to return to complete an additional degree, credential, or certificate, you will need to follow the appropriate admissions cycle.

  7. When can I meet with my academic advisor?

    Once you are readmitted to CSUSM, you will be eligible to meet with an academic advisor during their new student advising period (beginning early June).

  8. How can I find out what requirements I have left to complete my degree?

    CSUSM is unable to evaluate your remaining requirements until after you have been readmitted.  Once you are readmitted to CSUSM, you will be able to schedule an appointment with an academic advisor to view your Academic Requirements Report (ARR) in your Student Center in MyCSUSM. The ARR will display your completed and remaining requirements. 

  9. What are "catalog rights"?

    "Catalog rights" is a term used to define a set of requirements as established in the University catalog for a specific year, in which a student must satisfy to qualify for a degree.  As long as a student maintains continuous attendance at CSUSM, or a combination of CSU campuses and California Community College, his/her catalog rights are protected, and thus his/her catalog term(s) for the graduation requirements listed above, are protected.  "Continuous attendance" is defined as attendance at CSUSM in at least one semester (spring or fall) per calendar year. For more information, please visit our Catalog Rights page.

  10. I walked in commencement, but never received my diploma. Did I graduate?

    The commencement ceremony is an important tradition but it does not determine the awarding of your degree and issuance of a diploma. In order to earn your degree, all requirements must be complete. Any outstanding requirement will result in the cancellation of your graduation application.