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Returning Student

Ready to return to complete your degree!? We are here to help.

The following information is intended for undergraduate students who previously attended CSUSM, did not complete an undergraduate degree, and are interested in returning to CSUSM in order to complete graduation requirements to earn a diploma.

Returning graduate students must reapply for admission. Please visit the Graduate Studies page for more information.

You are considered a returning student if you:

  • applied and were admitted to a degree program at CSUSM, and
  • enrolled and earned grades in courses, and
  • have not yet earned a degree from CSUSM, and
  • have not enrolled/attended courses at CSUSM in the past two semesters (i.e., are no longer a matriculated student)

You are NOT a returning student if you:

  • dropped all of your classes during the posted add/drop period of your first semester after being admitted, or
  • have only attended CSUSM through Extended Learning's Open University, or
  • already completed a degree at CSUSM.

How to get back to CSUSM:

We are excited to welcome you back! Please complete the brief form below to confirm your prior enrollment, and we will get you on your path to graduate! If you have any questions, please contact us at

*See our Academic Reinstatement page for details on how to return if you were academically disqualified.

Return to CSUSM Form

Please note: Degree requirements may have changed during your absence.  Please review catalog rights information in the Returning Student Frequently Asked Questions or in the University Catalog.

What if I am Interested in an Extended Learning Program?

Extended Learning (EL) at California State University San Marcos serves as the academic outreach arm of the university. We offer a full range of degrees and certificate programs as well as individual courses through Extended Learning.

To learn more about these unique programs and how your prior credit may transfer to an EL program, please visit  Extended Learning | CSUSM.