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Appeals Process

Application Fee Appeal Waiver Inquiry

The Application Fee is waived for individuals who qualify, based on information provided in the application, including financial information from the prior year. If your financial situation, or that of your family’s, has significantly changed from 2020, you may request to have your eligibility for an admission applicant fee waiver re-evaluated. To initiate the review process, please complete this inquiry form and submit. 

Application Fee Waiver Inquiry

Enrollment Deposit Waiver Appeal

The Enrollment Deposit is waived for individuals who qualify for a fee waiver at the time of application to the CSU.  You may be eligible for an Enrollment Deposit Waiver if your financial situation, or that of your family’s, has significantly changed from the time you submitted your application to CSUSM. To request that we waive the Enrollment Deposit, please complete this form and submit.

Enrollment Deposit Appeal

Admissions Appeal

Cal State San Marcos is impacted at the undergraduate level in all majors and programs to applicants outside of our local admissions area. As such, we are unable to accept all CSU-eligible applicants for admission. Each year there are more applicants seeking admission to Cal State San Marcos than there are spaces available. The out of area admissions process is highly selective and applicants must meet criteria that are over and above the minimum established by the CSU.  Our process is also deadline driven, and we hold applicants to our stated deadlines.

If you were denied admission, it is unlikely that our decision will be reversed on appeal. The appeals process is only for applicants who have a serious and compelling reason that they feel the committee should consider. 

Failure to review email messages sent by the University, or to adhere to deadlines are not grounds for an appeal.

To submit an appeal, carefully read and follow the five steps below. Only complete appeals will be considered.  Appeals must be written by the student.

  1. Appeal within 15 days. All appeals must be received by CSUSM within 15 days of date of the "deny" notification/communication from the CSUSM Office of Admissions. Students who were denied admission may only submit one appeal per admission term.
  2. Prepare documentation. To have an appeal processed, you must submit ONE COMPLETE PACKAGE to include:
    • Admissions Appeal Request Form (download PDF, print, and complete form)
    • Letter of appeal detailing your extenuating circumstance (e.g., hospitalization, military service, family crisis)
    • Supporting documentation that substantiates your appeal. Documentation must include verifiable evidence supporting the justification for the appeal.
  3. Submit your appeal. Email the complete appeals package with supporting documentation to: or mail the complete appeals package with supporting documentation to:

                        University Admissions Appeals Committee
                         Office of Admissions 
                         California State University San Marcos
                         333 S. Twin Oaks Valley Road
                         San Marcos, CA 92096-0001

  1. Allow time for processing.  Appeal decisions will be provided in the order received and in a timely manner.
  2. Receive the decision by email.  Applicants will be notified of the appeal decisions via email, using the address provided on the CSU application. Make sure your email address is correct. All appeal decisions are final.

If you have questions regarding the appeals process, please contact the Office of Admissions at 760-750-4848 - select option 0.