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Reporting Academic Dishonesty

In partnering with Academic Affairs, the Dean of Students Office promotes academic integrity through the administration of a fair and educational student conduct process. Per academic senate resolution and CSU Systemwide Student Conduct Procedures all cases of alleged academic honesty need to be referred to the Dean of Students Office.

1) Contact and meet with the student to discuss the allegations. 

  • Take notes of the meeting. Did the student admit to the dishonest behavior?
  • Document the conversation on the Reporting Academic Dishonesty Form.
  • Determine and/or propose a grade and/or make-up assignment for the student. As the Professor, you have full jurisdiction for the grade on the assignment and/or course. Please feel free to further discuss grades with your department chair.
  • Inform the student that you are mandated to refer this case to the Dean of Students Office for review of their student status.
  • If a face to face meeting is not possible, then please contact the student via phone and/or e-mail to hear the student’s perspective on the case.
  • If more than one student is involved in the case, we recommend that you meet with each student separately.
  • Please feel free to have another faculty or your department chair present at the meeting.

2) Complete and submit Reporting Academic Dishonesty Form to the Dean of Student's Office (ADM 1200) with the following supporting documentation:

  • Course syllabus
  • Copy or original of assignment.
  • Please highlight the areas of alleged academic dishonesty on the student assignment and source of dishonesty (e.g. website or other student’s assignment).
  • If multiple sections of alleged dishonesty exist, please match the assignment and source of dishonesty with corresponding numbers.
  • Any additional documentation such as website printouts, test copies, etc.

3) Dean of Students Office meets with student to determine responsibility and student status.

4) Dean of Students Office emails professor regarding sanction outcome. (Student Academic Dishonesty and Disciplinary Sanctions)

More information is available from the Dean of Students Office at 760-750-4935, or by contacting Leslie Rockwell, Director of Student Conduct, through e-mail at Please don't hesitate to ask any questions or to seek advice in pursuing an incident.