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The campus CARE (Campus Assessment, Response, and Education) Team promotes a safe and productive learning, living, and working environment by identifying, discussing, investigating, evaluating, and working on student behavior that poses a concern, potential threat, or actual threat to self or others.

We are a comprehensive, diverse team of experts committed to ongoing professional and team development to serve and support our students and the greater CSUSM Community.

Through referral from the Cougar Care Network (CCN) or other campus entity, the CARE Team assesses the available information about the student and creates an intervention plan to assist the student and community with the concern or threat.

The CARE Team is overseen by the Dean of Students and meets twice a month or on an as needed basis.

For questions about the CARE Team, please contact the Dean of Students Office at (760) 750-4935.

CARE Team Membership (as of June 2023)

Standing Members:

  • Dean of Students – Co-Chair
  • Associate Vice President - Student Development Services/Title IX Coordinator - Co-Chair
  • Associate Vice President- Faculty Affairs
  • Associate Vice President- Human Resources
  • Deputy Title IX Coordinator/DHR Administrator
  • Director of Cougar Care Network
  • Director of Counseling and Psychological Services
  • Excutive Director of Housing & Residential Education
  • Director of Residential Education
  • Director of Cougar Crisis Response 
  • Director of Student Life
  • Director of Disability Support Services
  • University Police Reps
  • Chief of Police - Co-Chair 
  • Clery Director 
  • Campus Counsel (as needed)

We call on other members of the CSUSM and local community as needed for assistance and guidance (i.e. Legal Counsel, Local Law Enforcement, etc...)

If a student's conduct is clearly and imminently reckless, disorderly, dangerous, or threatening including self-harm behavior, please immediately contact the University Police Department at (760)750-4567 or call 911.

Distressed & Disruptive Students: A Guide for Faculty and Staff

Frequently Asked Questions