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Event Request Planning Form

Note: The campus will be phasing back in events over the 2021-2022 academic year. We will be staggering events to meet demand while prioritizing reengaging students. For the Fall semester, the scheduling priorities include pre-approved Campus Signature events; Student focused events (at least 50% of attendance are students); departmental events for faculty and staff; lastly two pre-approved external rentals. These priorities will slowly be expanded as we rehire Events staff and by summer 2022 will be fully open to accepting most events and rentals.

By the end of July, ECS will have reviewed and responded to each event request based on the scheduling priorities. If your area is considering an event, please input in 25Live by the end of July for Fall consideration and by the end of October for spring consideration. Event requests can still come in after those dates and will be reviewed individually based on scheduling, space and staffing.

Current campus safety and mask guidelines must be followed at all events.

Please contact the Events and Conference Services office at (760) 750-8800 for any additional questions.



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