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Hosting Virtual Events

Thank you for your part in hosting events and keeping our community alive and connected. Here are some best practices for hosting your virtual events and getting help from the university in connecting our audiences to your event. We will continue to use 25Live to list and market our virtual events.

  • How do I make a virtual event in 25Live?

     A virtual event is just like any other reservation in 25Live, except the Event Location you select will be one of our new Virtual Locations.  Be sure to enter a comprehensive Event Description that includes your Zoom or other virtual links.
    Example: Instead of a meeting at the USU Ballroom, the location will be Zoom Meeting or Instagram.
  • How should I enter my event?

    • Event Name: What you are calling your event for your reference (do not put links or other information here)
    • Event Title: This is the name that displays on the calendars (do not put links or other information here)
    • Event Description: Use this space post links, meeting ID's, log in information, websites, and a description of the event. Please make sure any links are correct and work.
    • All Virtual Events are “Campus Self Service” event type.
    • All Day Events should have the event time as “1:00am – 11:30pm” on that day if you don’t have a specific time
  • What qualifies as a virtual event?

    A virtual event should be an asynchronous opportunity to participate in something. This could be a live stream demonstration/performance, a call in meeting or zoom discussion. Posting to your social media feed and wanting people to comment or like your post is not an event.
  • How should I title my event?

    The virtual location on your reservation will help notate that the event is virtual so you will not need to include that in your event title.  If you would like to denote that the event is designed for a specific audience you should begin the title with your audience designation.


    • Students-Check In and Chill
    • Faculty-Moving to Virtual Instruction
    • Alumni-Book Club
    • Fac/Staff-Trivia Break


    Zoom links and other virtual platforms should be entered in the Event Description field.

  • What should I put for the event location?

    We have five virtual event locations to choose from.  Zoom is our preferred platform as it has the best administrator controls for managing your event.  The actual links to your Zoom meeting or profile for where to find the event should be entered at the top of the Event Description field.

    In 25Live, a Location search for the keyword "virtual" will yield all five virtual location options.

    • Zoom Meeting
    • Microsoft Teams
    • Instagram
    • Youtube Live
    • Virtual Location (This is a catch all for an event not held on one of the previously listed)
  • What is the difference between the Event Name vs. Event Title?

    In 25Live, the first two fields in the event form are the Event Name followed by the Event Title.  For all of our campus calendars, the Event Title field is displayed as the name of your event (not the Event Name).

  • What should I include in the Event Description?

    For virtual events, please include the your Zoom meeting or other virtual platforms at the top of the Event Description field.
    The Event Description is visible to the public and should include pertinent event information for your potential attendees. This may include items such as links to purchase tickets or virtual locations, parking information, specific contact information and purpose of the event.
    The date, time and location will automatically feed from the information entered on the reservation.  They do not need to be included again unless they are different than what is entered on the reservation.
  • How do I get my event posted to the homepage/featured events calendar?

    • Click the “Featured Event Calendar” box under the “Publish to Calendar” section
    • Once confirmed, your listing should populate to the homepage Featured Events Calendar within a couple of hours
    • Please note that once it is posted, you are responsible for making sure the listing stays up to date with the correct information