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*NEW* CAMPUS EVENT SCHEDULING TIMELINE: Event and Conference Services will be implementing a new event scheduling timeline for all events effective immediately. These annual deadlines are in place to ensure campus event reservations are equitable for the campus community and entered into 25Live by a specific deadline prior to each semester. View Event Scheduling Timeline

Current campus safety and mask guidelines must be followed at all events.

Please contact the Events and Conference Services office at (760) 750-8800 for any additional questions.

25Live Event Request Form (basic form only)

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For complete access to your account and all 25Live features (searches, sending e-mail, editing your reservations) login to the 25Live Website. Training is required prior to access. Visit the 25Live training page for more information.

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Event Planning Guide

Do you have an idea for an event? Great! This quick guide will explain the process for planning an event at CSUSM. Be sure to refer to the Event and Conference Services website for specific campus policies and procedures pertaining to hosting an event on campus, accessing 25Live and all event related questions.

Schedule Your Event

Log in to 25Live with your organization's credentials to request event space, host a virtual event, and promote your event on various campus calendars. An event confirmation will be sent to you within 3 business days confirming your space via e-mail.

*Academic locations may not be requested until the 4th Monday of each semester.


Event Coordination

You will be assigned an Event Planner to coordinate all aspects of your 'Full Service Event' including but not limited to; event set up, equipment rentals, catering, audio/visual support, alcohol approval process and parking.

*Pricing for services will be communicated throughout the event planning process.


Event Billing

Event billing is done via campus chargeback at the end of each month. During the event planning process, you will be asked to give an accurate chargeback or project number and identify who the Signature Authority is for that specific number. A request for an electronic signature will be sent to the Event Requestor and the Signature Authority immediately following your event.