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Outdoor Venues

California State University San Marcos offers a variety of beautiful, outdoor venues for your festival, fair, fundraiser, wedding, or reception. 

Our team can assist you with:

  • Event decor, floral design
  • Lighting and entertainment
  • Rentals, catering, bar service
  • Logistical assistance
Space and Features
Venue Capacity Special Features
Forum Plaza Varies A beautiful event space overlooking the hills of San Marcos! This grassy area is our largest outdoor space which makes for a great space for movie nights, festivals, activities and more!
Kellogg Plaza Varies The "central-hub" of campus connecting both Forum and University Plazas. This space is great for events from dances to fairs, lunchtime events and everything in between!
Markstein Plaza Varies A unique space overlooking Palm Court and close to the modern design of our business building, Markstein Hall. This space includes some existing furniture and umbrellas and is close to Markstein 125 - making for a great lunch break from a meeting!
Palm Court Varies Shadowed by the surrounding buildings and providing a unique view of the campus and San Marcos, this space is great for luncheons, receptions and more!
University Plaza Varies Situated close to Administrative Building and the Kellogg Library, this plaza is a "blank canvas" for just about all of your event needs!
round tables with decorations
Fair in Markstein Plaza