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Dr. Todd Astorino

Current research interests include:

  1. Effects of caffeine intake on short-term, high-intensity exercise performance
  2. Preventing bone loss in persons with spinal cord injury through multimodal exercise
  3. Verifying VO2max attainment
  4. Effect of High-intensity training on Cardiovascular Function

Currently, he is investigating the effects of high-intensity training on cardiovascular function in recreationally-active men and women, with the goal of examining efficacy of this regimen to alter blood pressure, heart rate, and muscular function as well as comparing responses between genders.  Men and women are completing 6 days of high-intensity training over a 2-3 week period.  Measures of cardiovascular function, energy expenditure, muscular function, and body composition are obtained pre- and post-training. See below for an opportunity to contribute to this exciting line of research!

Research participants wanted!

Active, young men and women are needed to take part in a study examining the effect of high-intensity training on adaptations to exercise. To take part in this study, you must:

  1. complete intense exercise at least 5 hours per week, including resistance or aerobic training and/or sports, for at least two years
  2. not suffer from persistent knee pain/ailments or pre-existing injury
  3. not be taking any pain or antidepressant medications
  4. not smoke
  5. have a healty body weight
  6. be between the ages of 18 and 40 yrs

You will need to visit the Human Performance Lab on 12 occasions over a 4-week period. Total time commitment is approximately 10-12 hours. You can receive KINE 499C Independent Study credit (3 units) for your time!

For more information or to volunteer, contact Dr. Astorino: or 760-750-7351