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Kinesiology Labs

We are a collaborative faculty who work with each other and others on campus. Our dedicated Kinesiology labs serve multiple uses, including student lab activities and faculty and student research.

Exercise Physiology/Surf Research equipment includes (ACD 111 - 113):

  • Lunar Prodigy Advance Dual-energy x-ray absorptiometer
  • Multiple Parvomedics metabolic carts
  • Multiple Velotron Dynafit Pro electronic bicycle ergometers
  • Physioflow hemodynamic monitor
  • Burdick 12-lead stress testing system
  • Monark Wingate Peak bicycle ergometer
  • Portable PFT system
  • Biodex system 3 isokinetic dynamometer
  • BodPod body composition measurement system
  • Vertec vertical jump measuring device
  • Lode arm ergometer
  • Vasa Inc. swim ergometer
  • Kayakpro stand up paddleboard ergometer
  • Custom sized Endless Pools swim/surf flume

Biomechanics/Motor Control equipment includes (University Hall 240 & 260):

  • Qualisys 16-camera Oqus 5 motion capture system
  • Vicon 4-camera Bonita system
  • Simi 6 camera under water motion capture system
  • 2 Delsys 16 channel Trigno wireless EMG systems
  • Moticon force measurement insole system
  • Great Lakes Neurotechnology KinetiSense wireless inertial motion capture system
  • Cometa wireless IMU system
  • Neurocom Balancemaster long force platform
  • 4 Bertec force platforms
  • Kistler portable force platform
  • Noraxon EMG system
  • 4 Biopac student lab systems
  • 2 Brainmaster EEG systems
  • Lafayette moaRT reaction, movement timers, and others
  • MATLAB and LabView software