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Dr. Devan Romero

Dr. Romero’s Health Behavior Change (HBC) lab encompasses assessing and exploring patterns of health behaviors, current health status, and behavioral change strategies related to improving acute and chronic health outcomes. Specifically, examining how risk-taking behaviors affect physical and mental health outcomes. In addition, we conduct tobacco behavioral research among vulnerable populations, including farmworkers, ethnic/racial minorities, adolescents, and younger adults. We aim to understand health disparities and examine both the social and behavioral aspects of health behavior, as well as exploring physical outcomes and markers of inflammation related to risk-taking behaviors. We have an ongoing adolescent health program among high school students providing health education and promotion activities based on alcohol, tobacco, other drug use, nutrition, physical activity, and nutrition. Our research is based on health education theory and health education promotion strategies geared toward specific populations.

Ongoing Projects:

  • Examination of Risk Taking Behaviors Among College Students and Acute Physical and Mental Outcomes
  • Assessing Tobacco Use and Secondhand Smoke Exposure Among Farmworkers
  • Developing an Adolescent Health and Wellness Program Among an Ethnically Diverse High School
  • Exploring the Prevalence and Predictive Behaviors of Alternative Tobacco Use, Specifically Electronic Cigarettes