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Dr. Paul Stuhr

Dr. Stuhr's pedagogy is inextricably tied to his research. His research, like his pedagogy, follows three distinct lines:

1) lived positive emotionality, 

2) adventure-based learning, 
3) pedagogical content knowledge

Lived Positive Emotionality

Dr. Stuhr seeks to determine how lived-positive emotionality affects the physical education classroom ecology, how teachers and students experience emotions, and whether teachers and students consciously notice changes in their behavior and class climate when experiencing positive emotionality. Preliminary Findings indicate that elementary physical education teachers do find their lived-positive emotional experience as functional for effective teaching, fostering caring and supportive relationships with students, and helping students to achieve desired learning objectives within class.  

 Adventure Based Learning

Dr. Stuhr also studies methods that promote student-centered debrief in Adventure Based Learning (ABL).  ABL ideology suggests that student-centered debriefs allow students the processing power during the conversation. Thus, in a student-centered debrief students: (a) take more control of the conversation, (b) talk freely among themselves, and (c) move away from a teacher-directed command style session. However, many times it is the facilitator who has more power and influence in the discussion than do the students (Brown, 2004; Estes, 2004). Based upon these ABL assumptions Dr. Stuhr seeks to determine strategies to maximize the effectiveness of the student-driven ABL debrief for secondary physical education.

 Pedagogical Content Knowledge

What teachers know about the content they teach and their competence selecting pedagogies and content appropriate for the teaching (i.e., pedagogical content knowledge) have been enduring questions for physical education teacher educators. Researchers examining pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) in physical education explicitly recommend that PCK would be improved if content knowledge (CK) were improved. Dr. Stuhr also studies ways to maximize CK for teacher candidates in physical education. 


Photos of students participating in ABL (KINE 310)

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