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Dr.Sean Newcomer

My passion for surfing began at the age of five on the beaches of Cardiff-by-the Sea.  Little did I know then that this passion would someday become the focus of both my Master's thesis entitled: "Aerobic Capacity of Humboldt County Male Surfers" and my research endeavors at CSUSM.  In the past my research at CSUSM has focused on characterizing the physiological requirements of participating in recreational surfing across the lifespan.  In addition, research projects investigating the impact of surf equipment on paddling efficiency, oxygen uptake, heart rate, thermoregulation, and mechanics (in collaboration with Dr. Nessler) are currently underway in our outdoor surf laboratory.  These projects are funded by our collaborators in surf industry and are carried out by undergraduates as part of their Kinesiology curriculum at CSUSM. For more information, visit the surf research page.