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Dr. Jeff Nessler

Dr. Nessler's research interests focus on how the nervous system controls locomotion in humans and animals and the potential application of these control principles to rehabilitation from neurological disease. Currently, Dr. Nessler is involved in 3 specific research projects:

  1. Upper extremity mechanics during surfboard paddling: this project involves motion capture of arm motion both above and below the water level using a specialized camera system and IMUs.  This work is supported by partnerships with the surf industry.
  2. Phase resetting and synchronization to a vertically oscillating walkway: this project is sponsored by a grant from the National Institutes of Health to study how and why individuals synchronize to mechanical perturbations as a part of locomotor control.
  3. Spontaneous entrainment during side by side walking: this project is focused on understanding the mechanical and sensory contributions to unintentional synchronization that occurs when individuals walk side by side. This behavior may be useful in rehabilitation by pairing a healthy individual with someone that is unsteady.

Synchronous gait

Students participating in gait studies in the biomechanics lab


Underwater view of arm motion in the swim flume.