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How to Apply

**The Priority Deadline has passed, but we will continue to accept applications until all seats are filled.  Please contact Danielle Moore,, for information on how to access the application.**

Prospective students must apply through Cal State Apply.

Our program will be characterized by close interaction with our faculty through both coursework and research projects. Therefore, we encourage direct communication with potential faculty mentors to determine common interests and objectives. Contact information for Department faculty.

Apply to the University through Cal State Apply:

  1. Click the red button Apply for Fall 2019
  2. Sign in by either creating an account or entering your username and password
  3. Update the Complete Your Profile webpage with your information
  4. Click the Start Your Application button
    • Select Cal State San Marcos
    • Under the San Marcos Graduate section, click the + icon next to Kinesiology
    • Scroll to the top of the webpage and click the I am Done, Review My Selections button
  5. Click the Continue To My Application button
  6. Complete each section of the application as detailed below:
    • Personal Information - Complete all sections as requested
    • Academic History - Colleges Attended - Include All postsecondary institutions you have attended
      • Transcript Entry – No Transcripts need to be added
      • GPA Entries – You do not need to add any GPA
      • Standardized Tests – You do not need to add any Standardized Tests
    • Supporting Information – You do not need to enter any information under Experiences, Achievements, and Documents
    • Statement of Purpose – Write N/A in the box
    • Program Materials - You will add all of your Supplemental Application Documents in this section
      • Select the Documents Tab
        • Submit your Transcripts under Unofficial Transcript 
        • Submit your Letter of Intent under Supplemental Materials
      • Select the Recommendations Tab
        • Add your Letters of Recommendation 
      • Select the Questions Tab
        • Choose your first and second choice Faculty Thesis Advisors
        • Select Yes or No under Acknowledgement
  7. After you have completed all of the sections, submit your application by selecting the Submit Application tab

More information on Step-by-Step Guide to applying for the MS in Kinesiology Program.

**If you have any questions or run into any issues when completing the Application, please contact Danielle Moore, or (760) 750-8515**