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Becoming an SI Leader

Apply to Be an SI Leader!

As a Supplemental Instruction Leader (SIL), you help facilitate student success by leading study sessions, and creating study materials. You will combine your knowledge in the course with the professor's material to ensure the students perform well, and gain the proper study techniques to continue to thrive in all their other courses.

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Job Description and Information:  

Applications are now open for Fall 2024! To apply, please visit Handshake and login using your CSUSM credentials and search for the job posting: #8794075. You can also access and submit the application directly using this link.

Priority application deadline: March 31st, 2024 by 11:55pm.

  • Courses Currently Seeking Support
    • Bio 177 (for KINE majors)
    • Chem 160, 201, and 202
    • Econ 201 and 202
    • Psyc 360
  • Work Duties
    • Attend course lectures every week and take notes 
    • Meet regularly with course instructor 
    • Dedicate 3 hours per week to plan and prepare materials for sessions (creating activities and worksheets)
    • Submit weekly session plans and reflections
    • Attend SI team meetings every two weeks for professional development and additional training
    • Maintain communication with students, SI Mentors, and SI Coordinator
    • Check Microsoft Teams and email almost daily
  • Benefits
    • Priority registration
    • Great preparation for future educator and leadership positions 
    • Professional development trainings from staff
    • Flexibility in scheduling sessions
    • Can work on assignments anytime and anywhere 
    • Can establish and expand your network
    • Get to help students achieve their goals
  • Pay and Hours

    We prioritize your needs and commitments as a student, therefore, our work hours are flexible.

    Pay Breakdown:

    8-10 hours per week at $17.01 an hour

  • Who Can Apply


    • Currently enrolled CSUSM student (student must be enrolled in at least 1 unit at CSU San Marcos for the semester in which they plan to hold employment)
    • Passed the course for which they wish to be an SI leader with a B+ or higher
    • Be in good academic standing
    • Available to attend pre-semester training (usually takes place the week before school starts) 


    • Good interpersonal and communication skills
    • Familiar with Microsoft Teams
    • Have used and/or are familiar with online tools such as Kahoot!, virtual whiteboards, online educational games, G Suite, etc.
    • Obtain faculty recommendation for desired course
  • How to Apply

    Log on to Handshake using your CSUSM student login and search for "Supplemental Instruction" or Job Posting #8794075.


    Complete the application directly using this link to the SI Application

    Required Application Materials:  


If you have any questions please contact:

Alejandro Picasso, SI Coordinator: