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Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is SI?
    The goal of SI is to promote student success by positively impacting the way students learn difficult content in a particular course. This is done through peer-facilitated review sessions that integrate course content and learning strategies. These sessions take place 2-3 times a week at days and times that are most convenient for students of the course.
  • What should I expect from an SI Leader?

     The SI Leader WILL:

    • Attend all class sessions/lectures regularly and act as a model student
    • Facilitate 2 study sessions weekly starting the 3rd week of the semester
    • Maintain a professional attitude about matters such as class standards, grades and student complaints
    • Share SI materials and meet with cooperating faculty if possible
    • Discourage students from attending SI as a substitute for class meetings

    The SI Leader will NOT:

    • Re-lecture
    • Answer faculty addressed e-mails
    • Grade assignments or exams
    • Teach the class if the instructor is absent
  • What can they do in my class?

    SILs will engage in note-taking during your class to prepare for their SI sessions.

    If the SIL is comfortable, they may also help students during class activities or help the professor pass out handouts. However, this is not included in the job description and is dependent on the SI leader. You must ask the SIL if they are comfortable and willing to provide additional help. 

  • What are some characteristics of a potential SIL?
    • Earned a B or higher in the course
    • Has a good understanding of the course content
    • Organized and displays good time management skills
    • Communicates and works well with other students
  • What are the benefits of students attending?

    Data shows that students who attend SI are more likely to be improve by a whole letter grade! 

    In addition to this, students will: 

    • enhance their existing study skills while learning new study skills
    • collaborate with other students in the course to gain a better understanding of course material 
  • Can I give students extra credit?
    SI sessions are anonymous. To encourage students to attend, you can consistently remind students during lectures and announcements that are sent out. You can also provide the SI Leader with problems/material that is similar to what will be on homework and exams, so they can advertise that for their sessions. 
  • How can faculty support SI?
    • Granting time for occasional in-class announcements encouraging ALL students to attend SI
    • Assisting in selecting candidates to be SI Leaders for your course
    • Providing copies of the official class roster and end of semester grades for program evaluation
  • What should I expect from the SI program?

    We will:  

    • Train all SI leaders according to established guidelines and standards
    • Provide SI leaders with learning strategies and platforms
    • Monitor SI Leader activities and sessions
    • Provide SI Leaders with support to conduct their sessions
    • Track and record SI attendance data
  • I'm interested. Who should I contact?

     You can contact Alex Picasso, SI Coordinator: