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Learning Support Services


Tutoring is led by enthusiastic peers who are both trained and academically successful. Through friendly conversation and guided practice, tutors help students access confidence and competence in their learning. Tutors use non-directive questioning, vetted resources, and descriptive demonstration. Their main goal is for visitors to embrace challenges as opportunities to become more independent and capable problem-solvers and learners.

Tutoring can take a few forms:

  • In-person or online
  • One-on-one or small group
  • Drop-in or by appointment 

See the The Writing Center, The STEM SC, and NetTutor for which format is availble for your course.

Embedded Tutoring

Tutors are embedded in courses of partnering programs and faculty. The tutor supports students during class sessions during class activities, workshops, and independent study. The same tutor is also available for additional tutoring outside the classroom!

Exam review

Comprehensive exam review sessions led by experienced tutors who guide students through key concepts and problem-solving strategies relevant to upcoming exams. These reviews are designed to boost confidence, clarify doubts, and enhance preparation for better performance on test day!

Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction (SI) sessions are structured group study and lessons for challenging courses, led by SI leaders who have previously excelled in the course. These sessions focus on collaborative learning techniques, reinforcing course content, and developing effective study habits.


Academic retreats offer an immersive environment for focused study, skill development, and writing. These events combine workshops, study sessions, and recreational activities, providing students with intensive support and a chance to connect with peers. Retreats are commonly held for graduates writing their thesis and seniors complete capstone projects. 


Workshops provide the time for students to practice learning strategies, attempt peer-supported problem solving, and learn effective approaches to common challenges. Topics range from time management and note-taking to advanced research techniques and subject-specific tips, helping students to improve their overall academic performance.

Informational Services

Class Visits

To share information about our services, LTS strives to visit the courses we partner with and tutor at the beginning of the semester. Class visits can also be scheduled by instructors wanting their students to know more about LTS, including how to seek support and what to expect. 


Instructors and staff can schedule a small group or class-size tours of LTS to see our spaces and resources while learning about the work we do with students. Tours are a great way to see tutoring in action!