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Spring Humanities & Arts Graduate Conference

The Master of Arts Programs in History, Literature & Writing Studies, and Modern Language Studies would like to thank you for your participation in the fourth annual CSUSM Spring Humanities & Arts Graduate Conference! The conference was held on April 20, 2019, showcasing the theme of This, That & The Other.

Conference Details

Keynote Address

2019 graduate conference keynote speaker




Dark Lens: Interactive Lovecraftian Horror, David Davis (LTWR M.A. Graduate)



Postmodernism in Winesburg, Ohio, Robbie Hammel

Egoism and the Post-Anarchic: Max Stirner's New Individualism, Kristian Pr'Out

Hiding in Plain Sight: A Historical and Cultural Study of Gay Community in America, Luis Quintenilla

The Contrary Cycle of Dominance and Care, Lisandra Natali De Luca

Anime as Literature, Quito Barajas

Rendered Out of Commission: Othered Arabs and Abject Rhetoric in Service of Empire, Yasmin Manley

The College Student, Bryanna Martinez

 Shia LaBeouf by Shia LaBeouf: Subversive Recontextualization and Celebrity Self-Authorship, Elizabeth Roush

Anaylzing "The Culture Industry" through Parks and Recreation's Tom Haverford, Lara Amin

Red Dead Recolonization, Ian Galbraith

Problematizing Female Representation in the Post-Colonial Realm, Mikayla Keehn

Constructed Landscapes: Impact on Physical Space and Bodily Experience, Erica Wahlgren

The Idea of Key West Poetics: Unraveling Hart Crave and Wallace Stevens' Modernist Imperialism, Jan Leonard Maramot Rodil

Jadis & Morgan le Fay: Sisters in Witchcraft, Kerry Baker

Never Just "Snow White": The Fair Little Princess, Zev Anbar

She's a Dangerous Woman (to Society): The Cultural Work of Babyface, Rachel Seymour

Abjection and the Witch in Film and Literature, Jesse Grizzle


2019 graduate conference attendees



2019 graduate conference attendees

2019 graduate conference solo presentation


Special Thanks to the Organizing Committee: 

Christine Briggs, Jesse Grizzle, Mikayla Keehn, Yasmin Manley, Elizabeth Roush and Erica Wahlgren!