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Alumni Testimonials

"The Literature and Writing program offered opportunities unique to my areas of focus that I wouldn't have had elsewhere. CSUSM's diverse LTWR faculty encourage inter-departmental collaboration, listening to students' academic and professional goals and providing personal support and development within the program and beyond. Seminar-style classes, hands on teaching training, and rich mentorship from colleagues and professors provided the experience I needed to enter the professional world fully prepared and join the editorial staff of an academic publisher upon graduation."

Amy Salisbury-Werhane, M.A. (2013)
Developmental Editor and Project Manager at Fountainhead Press


"The Literature and Writing Studies graduate program at CSUSM provided me with a comprehensive education, an exceptional community of faculty and graduate students, and an opportunity to grow as a scholar and teacher. CSUSM's MA program readied me for a career in teaching by giving me the opportunity to teach my own courses. Not only did teaching allow for me to put into practice the work of my graduate thesis, but as a teaching assistant, I gained classroom experience that was invaluable when transitioning to the job market within the community." 

Jake Strona, M.A. (2013)
Full-Time Faculty of Letters at Mira Costa Community College


"Earning an M.A. in CSUSM's LTWR department showed me what it meant to be a scholar. The one-on-one mentoring I received from various professors, especially my thesis chair, engendered my desire to teach and work at the college-level. I left the LTWR M.A. program with the skills to build a career in academia."