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Roll for Initiative: Dungeons & Dragons One-Shot Adventures

Dragon versus Warrior

 Join CSUSM’s Literature and Writing Studies Department (LTWR) for a series virtual D&D 5e one-shot adventures, hosted by your Dungeon Master, Dr. Francesco Levato.

There will be three game sessions during the Spring 2021 semester, and each session will feature a complete one-shot adventure for up to six players. New and experienced players are welcome. For each adventure, we will be creating our own characters. If you’re new to the game and would rather use a pre-generated character, I’ll have a selection of them available for you to choose from.


We will play using Zoom for voice and video, Roll20 for virtual battle mats, and D&D Beyond for character sheets.

Details for each adventure will be posted to this page, along with a sign-up sheet to reserve your seat at the table.


Game Session 0

Saturday, February 27th, 2-4pm

  • This is an information session open to all who want to play in the adventures that follow. No seat limit for this session.
  • We will discuss gameplay, character creation, using Roll20 and D&D Beyond, and go over table rules.
  • This would be a good session for new players who have questions about Dungeons & Dragons.

Info Handout for D&D Games


Game Session Sign Up

Game Session 1

Saturday, March 6th, 2-6pm

  • This adventure will be for 3rd level characters and would be a good starting point for new players.

Session 1 Info


Game Session 2

Saturday, April 3rd, 12-4pm

  • This adventure will be for 5th level characters. 
  • Further details to come. 

Game Session 3

Saturday, April 24th, 6-10pm

  • This adventure will be for 8th level characters. 
  • Further details to come.