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News and Deadlines

LTWR Graduate Student News and Deadlines

  • Congratulations to Elizabeth Roush!

Congratulations to Elizabeth Roush, who successfully defended her thesis, "The Subversive Recontextualization of Celebrity Images," which analyzes the way celebrity images--specifically, those of Shirley Temple and Shia LeBeouf--shift meaning through the process of recontextualization.

  • Congratulations to Erica Wahlgren!

Congratulations to Erica Wahlgren, who successfully defended her thesis, "Constructed Landscapes: Impact on Physical Space and Bodily Experience," which was a critical examination of constructed landscapes and the bodies contained/constrained by these spaces, through film, videogames, and national parks.

  • Congratulations to Jen Strawser!

Congratulations to Jen Strawser, who successfully defended her thesis, "Masculine Trauma in William Faulkner’s Sound and the Fury," which uses a psychoanalytic lens to explore how trauma affects the Compson brothers and leaves them unable or unwilling (as the case may be) to abandon pre-Civil War notions of southern white masculinity. 

  • Congratulations to Yaz Manley!

Congrats to Yasmin Manley, who successfully defended her thesis, "Rendered Out of Commission: Othered Arabs and Abject Rhetoric in Service of Empire," which was a critical-creative work that used Foucault, Kristeva, and Said, in conjunction with original creative writing to examine anti-Arab rhetoric and imagery in contemporary culture. 

  • Congratulations to Kristian Pr'Out!

Congrats to Kristian Pr'Out, who successfully defended his thesis, "Egoism and the Post-Anarchic: Max Stirner's New Individualism," which positions Stirner as a post-anarchist by reinterpreting Stirner's critiques of anarchism and liberalism. 

  • Introducing the Schmidt Scholarship for Incoming M.A. Students!

The LTWR Department is thrilled to announce the inauguration of the Schmidt Graduate Scholarship in Literature & Writing Studies, available to incoming students starting in Fall 2018.  Two incoming students will be selected for a $2000 scholarship to be distributed during the first semester of the M.A. program.   

Recent Graduates

Congratulations to our most recent M.A.s, who successfully defended their theses!

Elizabeth Roush, The Subversive Rcontextualization of Celebrity Images, 2019 (directed by Prof. Heidi Breuer)

Erica Wahlgren, Constructed Landscapes: Impact on Physical Space and Bodily Experience, 2019 (directed by Prof. Francesco Levato)

Jen Strawser, Masculine Trauma in William Faulkner's 'Sound and the Fury', 2019 (directed by Prof. Mark Wallace)

Yaz Manley, Rendered Out of Commission: Othered Arabs and Abject Rhetoric in Service of Empire, 2019 (co-directed by Prof. Francesco Levato and Prof. Sandra Doller)

Kristian Pr'Out, Egoism and the Post-Anarchic: Max Stirner's New Individualism, 2019 (directed by Prof. Oliver Berghof)

David Davis, Dark Lens: Postcolonial Lovecreaftian Interactive Fiction (directed by Prof. Francesco Levato)

Gianna Ramirez, "The Conjuring of Strange Curious Mischief: Twisted Retellings of Classic Children's Narratives" (directed by Prof. Sandra Doller)

Rebecca Sterling, “Monstrous Journeys: The Horror of the Failed Female Hero’s Journey in Carrie and Ginger Snaps” (directed by Prof. Rebecca Lush).  

Joyce Jacobo, "Los Byblos: Thesis Edition" (co-directed by Prof. Sandra Doller and Prof. Mark Wallace).