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Current Semester Information

Important dates and deadlines regarding enrollment, tuition payment, finals and registration can be found at the Enrollment Information site for the current semester. 

For more information, please refer to the current Academic Calendar

Reminder About Online Course Modes:

Synchronous: A synchronous class means that there will be times during the semester when you will have to virtually meet together as a class with your instructor (everyone online together at the same time). Please refer to your specific instructor's directions about synchronous meetings regarding platform (i.e. zoom) and meeting frequency. Just because a class is synchronous does not mean that you will have a live video conference time slot every single week so it is very important that you understand the specific expectations and schedule set by your instructor.

Asynchronous: An asynchronous class means that you will complete lessons, activities, etc. in your own time but while still meeting your instructor's due dates and deadlines. Please refer to your specific instructor's directions about assignment types, expectations, and due dates.

Faculty Office Hours

Contacting Faculty in Spring 2021: Students should always refer to their syllabi for faculty availability. Not all faculty work weekends or observed holidays. Generally, you may expect a reply to your email within 3 business days, during the official academic semester. Department AC or Chair should only be contacted if you haven't received a reply from your instructor after 3 business days have passed.

Faculty Name Office Hours Email
Berghof, Oliver MARK 129 Email to request an appointment
Breuer, Heidi MARK 132 Zoom; M 2:30-3:45pm and by appointment
Cassel, Susie MARK 134 On fellowship leave
Doller, Sandra MARK 126-J Email to request an appointment
Levato, Francesco MARK 250 Zoom; T/R 12:00-1:00pm, email for appointment
Lush, Rebecca (Department Chair) MARK 126-L Email to request a Teams appointment
Mendoza, Kenneth MARK 139  Email to request an appointment
Moukhlis, Salah MARK 126-K Email to request an appointment
Stewart, Mary MARK 259  Email to request a Zoom appointment
Stoddard Holmes, Martha MARK 126-G Zoom; M 4:00-5:00pm or by appointment
Wallace, Mark MARK 126-M  Email to request an appointment
Yuan, Yuan MARK 133 Email to request a Zoom appointment
Cesmat, Brandon N/A Request a Zoom appointment through Cougar Courses
Headley, Cynthia N/A Zoom; M 10:30-11:20am, W 12:00-1:00pm or by appointment
Hoeger, Laura N/A Email to request an appointment
Keehn, Robin N/A Email to request a Zoom appointment
Morrow, Carrie N/A Email to request a Teams appointment
Stewart, Andrew N/A Email to request a Zoom appointment
Winchock, Dylan N/A Zoom; W 10:00-1:00pm or by appointment