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College of Humanities, Arts, Behavioral and Social Sciences (CHABSS)

Student Opportunities & Internships

LTWR offers many diverse pre-professional and extra-curricular opportunities for students.  In addition to the many student clubs and activities open to LTWR majors, check out these great chances to do what you love!

Student Employment with LTWR

Check back here for opportunities to work for the department!

The Writing Center

The Writing Center employs many LTWR students who want to be a peer tutor.  You'll need to take LTWR 525 first. 

To find out more, contact the Writing Center Director:
Evan Smith

The Cougar Chronicle

The campus student newspaper offers opportunities for students to try their hand at journalism.

Other Internships and Externships

  • Looking for a way to get “real world” experience writing and researching?
  • Want to get involved in your community?
  • Interested in tutoring, teaching, or working in an afterschool program?
  • Eager to use your writing talents in a non-profit, corporate, or tech field?
  • Need to build your resume or portfolio?

If you are interested in completing an internship for college credit, please contact the Office of Internships first. The Office of Internships has a database of internship opportunities with approved community partners.

Internships are available to put your writing, teaching, and research skills to work in the community.  With a little bit of paperwork, and a 3-9 hour per week commitment, you can earn college credit while building your resume or portfolio.  This is your opportunity to “try out” a career while still in school!  Start this process early, as it takes some time to find an internship that "fits" your talents and needs.

See the Career Center and the Office of Internships for more information. Once you have identified a potential internship opportunity, make an appointment with Dr. Lush to discuss if you can receive Literature & Writing credit for your experience!