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FEMBA Student Mallory Howard '21


Mallory Howard '21 shares how she found her path to working at global communications giant, Viasat, and getting her MBA at CSUSM. Though she earned her undergrad degree in Cinema Television Arts, she is now working in Security Administration at one of San Diego's largest employers . She states, "It's not the path that I expected, but the path that was meant to be." Most recently, Mallory shared that she joined the Diversity and Inclusion Council wher she hopes to make an impact in her organization. Read more about her career experience and the value she is getting from working with a tight-knit cohort of professionals.



Briefly describe your career path

I was recruited to work at Viasat based on a resume I posted online. I'd heard about the company prior, but never imagined that I'd qualify for a job there. Little did I know I would be at Viasat almost 12 years later. I've built a growing career in the Security Department, becoming a subject matter expert in areas of Security Administration. Having an undergrad degree in Cinema Television Arts - Screenwriting, this is not the path that I expected, but the path that was meant to be. I don't know exactly where I am headed, but I continue to learn, grow, and push myself to be a stronger leader within my organization.


Tell us about your decision to get your MBA at CSUSM

I chose Cal State San Marcos becasue I am a comunity member. I grew up in North County my whole life. I knew that this was a growing cmpaus and program. I have heard a lot of great things about it and the fact that you get to work with a cohort and so closely with other professionals, I found great value in that. Especially in boosting my business accumen in my own company and really working towards the common goal.

Tell us about your current organization

Viasat is a company filled with innovative, inspiring, and motivated thinkers. Our motto is "Always a better way," and it shows in the work that we do and the goals that we strive to achieve. We are a leader in our industry and I believe that is because we are a company that puts its employees first.


Mallory Howard

Mallory Howard photographed with colleagues at Viasat facility.

Mallory HowardMallory pictured during Viasat Black Professional Alliance (BPA) event in 2018 which partnered with the North County African American Women's Association's (NCAAWA) mentorship program for 8th grade girls at MLK and Jefferson Middle Schools in Oceanside. The event focused on STEM activities, had guest speakers, and gave them a tour of Viasat. She is also the chair of the Carlsbad BPA Chapter.

Can you share any recent news about your organization?

Viasat was just awarded the 2020 James S. Cogswell Outstanding Industrial Security Achievement Award, only 61 facilities were chosen out of 12,500 nationwide. We received this award due to our exceptional security practices, going above and beyond the requirements of the National Industrial Security Program. I am particularly proud of this as a member of Viasat's Security Management Team.

Tell us about your current role

I currently manage our Security Administration and Campus Security teams. I have a variety of duties from creating policy and procedures, to coaching supervisors in people management.
Favorite part of your job? My favorite part of my job is building efficiencies for effective change. I love making someone's job easier. In that same vein, I enjoy coaching and mentoring my staff so that they are able to more effectively lead and engage.


Tell us about your participation on Viasat's Diversity & Inclusion Council

Our first meeting will be December 1st. The council itself is going to determine the role we play in the organization. Each member was asked to complete a survey and provide input as to what our function should be. My presumption is that we will discuss the results and craft a plan at our first meeting.  Along with the council that I'm on, we also have an Executive Diversity and Inclusion Council that consists of some of our C-Level Executives and VPs. 


What is your favorite part of the program so far?

My favorite part of the program is the cohort. I have never really had the opportunity to work with such a tight knit group and really share information. We have bonded on a personal level and not just on schoolwork. Especially during this time with the pandemic and with so much civil and social unrest, it's really nice to have that support as I work through this.

Tell us about your goals or plans for after graduation

First, I plan to take a much needed vacation. Working full-time, going to school, and being a wife and mother to two young kids (14 months and 3 yrs) is not an easy thing to do, especially during these trying times. After that I plan to focus my energy on career building and starting my nonprofit focused on sustainable living and resources for communities with limited resources.