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Shanon Khounborine

Healthcare Recruiter 

Tell us about your decision to get an MBA.

After graduating with my undergraduate degree in 2019, I never planned to go back to school and get my Master's. However, I realized that I still didn't know what career path I wanted to pursue and that there are so many more business concepts I wanted to learn. With this, I really enjoyed my experience at CSUSM while getting my Bachelor's and saw that they offered a specialized MBA program so I decided to apply.

Tell us about your specialization and your overall goals/plan after graduating.

 My specialization is International Business. After graduation, I plan to continue my job in Recruiting and hopefully move up within the company in the next year.

Tell us about your career path. What lead you to where you are now?

 I have been a Healthcare Recruiter at Novasyte for about a month now and before that I was a Human Resources Administrator at an Electrical and Solar Contracting company since graduating with my undergraduate degree in May 2019.

What is your new role like as a healthcare recruiter at Novasyte? 

 My role as a healthcare recruiter allows me to connect with several healthcare professionals on a daily basis in fulfilling several roles for over 40 Med Tech companies. My favorite part of my job is getting to meet so many people and learning something new in regard to the medical field. Novasyte is extremely team-oriented and positive even with everyone still working remote. Everyone pushes one another to be the best while also bringing a fun energy.

How has your time in the MBA program helped your career path?

The MBA program has helped me network. I got the opportunity to interview at Novasyte because a couple students from the cohort actually work at Novasyte and shared with me the opportunity.