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Public Health Minor

Launching Fall 2023, the Public Health Minor prepares students to gain interdisciplinary knowledge and skills in public health that are complementary to their primary field. The curriculum focuses on the history and philosophy of public health, organizational structures of the U.S. health system, introduction to epidemiology, and other topics in Kinesiology and Human Development. This interdisciplinary approach provides students the opportunity to enhance their degree with a public health focus that is centered on protecting and improving the health of people and their communities.

Public Health Minor Worksheet

Learning Outcomes

Students who will earn a Minor in Public Health will be able to:

    • Explain the history and role of public health as an interdisciplinary field. 
    • Articulate the functions and organizational structures of the U.S. health system.
    • Describe and synthesize public health information for diverse audiences.


Public Health Minor students are required to complete 9 units of required foundational courses, and 6 units of electives (1 course from Category 1 and 1 course from Category 2)

Foundations (9 Units)

Course Title Catalog Number Units
Introduction to Public Health PH 101 3
Introduction to Health Systems and Policy PH 202 3
Introduction to Epidemiology KINE 404 3

Category 1 (3 Units)

Course Title Catalog Number Units
Statistics in Human Development HD 220 3
Action Research in Human Development HD 231 3
Multiculturalism, Diversity and Social Justice HD 382 3
Perspectives on Children, Youth and Families HD 383 3
Sustainable Development Goals and Global Health Cooperation PH 464 3
Health Disparities in Human Development HD 351 3

Category 2 (3 Units)

Course Title Catalog Number Units
Principles of Health Promotion & Education KINE 407 3
Nutrition for Health and Exercise Performance KINE 336 3
Nutrition and Disordered Eating Behavior KINE 415 3
Exercise Physiology and Special Populations KINE 426 3
Assessment and Programming for Healthy Aging KINE 427 3
Health and Drug Education KINE 405 3