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Master of Public Health (MPH)

The Master of Public Health prepares students as practitioners of public health and as leaders in public and private sector agencies and organizations. Graduates are well-prepared to succeed in positions as public health professionals in local community organizations, hospitals, health management organizations, government agencies, the military, academia, and the private sector. Instructional faculty are leading teachers and researchers in the field of public health as well as local practitioners in specialized fields comprising each of the option areas. The program’s rich and diverse curriculum provides students with the concrete tools they need to operate competently in the field after they graduate.

The MPH Program is committed to the following specific goals for all students:

  1. To train public health professionals in the core competencies of public health and in areas of concentration.
  2. To engage students and faculty in public health research, scholarship and creative activities that contribute to the prevention, management and resolution of public health challenges.
  3. To provide opportunities for students and faculty to engage in professional and community based services for public health leadership and workforce development. 

Program of Study

This 42 semester unit, cohort-based accelerated program requires 16 months of study (6 units every 8 weeks) including summer semester. The program includes seven common core courses with the remaining courses specific to the program concentration offered. This program is designed to be flexible to meet the needs of every student. The program admits two times a year, Fall and Spring, keeping class sizes small and promoting greater personal attention. We offer our program in both hybrid and online formats, with courses that start every 8 weeks and are conducted two evenings a week.

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The Department of Public Health offers four options for the MPH degree program:

  • Master of Public Health: Health Promotion and Health Education (Face-to-Face)
  • Master of Public Health: Health Promotion and Health Education (Online)
  • Master of Public Health: Global Health (Face-to-Face)
  • Master of Public Health: Global Health (Online)


Health Promotion and Education

Social and behavioral science applied to health-related behavior for the identification of risk factors for physical and mental health illnesses and for the experimental evaluation of interventions aimed at changing risk practices or promoting healthy behaviors. Emphasis is placed on vulnerable populations, including low income families, ethnic minorities, women, and children. Graduates are employable by hospitals, health departments, social service and private sector corps in addition to other governmental agencies and universities.

Global Health

The Global Health Concentration of the MPH Program takes a multidisciplinary approach to global health with a focus on the social, economic, and political determinants of health, and the global response to health and it's determinants in context of global institutions and agreements. The core curriculum develops competencies in the basic tools of public health, including epidemiology, biostatistics, health systems, environmental health, and social behavioral sciences. Courses in research methods and project management and project management are also required. A required global internship provides hands-on experience with local or international agencies engaged in global health activities.  Academic coursework culminates with either an independent research or capstone project. Case studies and applies learning are common approaches, and contributions by students provide a major component of the learning environment.