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Judit Hersko

Faculty Bio

Judit Hersko is an installation artist who works in the intersection of art and science. She collaborates with scientists on visualizing climate change science through art and narrative. In 2008 she spent six weeks in Antarctica as the recipient of the National Science Foundation Antarctic Artists and Writers Grant. Hersko’s work is rooted in extensive research as well as in a playful exploration of materials and phenomena of light, shadow, and transparency. Her current practice involves story telling through performances that incorporate the objects she makes. She explores the unseen labor of microorganisms in the ecological chain as well as the unrecognized contributions of women in the history of science. She is ever more curious about the cultural myths we live by. Hersko has presented, published and exhibited nationally and internationally, including at the Venice Biennale where she represented her native Hungary in 1997.
Judit Hersko

Research and teaching interests:

  • Playing with materials and the properties of matter - including the minute, the invisible, the transparent and the changing
  • Anthropogenic climate change and Polar exploration
  • How stories we believe in shape who we are and the implications of this for our future
  • The translations between mind and body, thinking and sensing, nature and culture, matter and meaning
  • History - especially women’s history (women in art and science)
  • Integration of learning, information, understanding, knowledge with a sense of self as well as with action, making, meaning, purpose and community

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